Dog daycare is an engaging and interactive experience with other dogs and daycare team members

Dog daycare is an engaging and interactive experience. Dogs who are members of our daycare program spend the day running, climbing, navigating play equipment, playing in the pools, wrestling with their canine friends, sunbathing, napping, and receiving affection from our daycare staff.

Daycare Pricing:

Single Day: 1st pet $33 2nd dog or more $28 each
7 Day Pass: 1st pet $220 (saves 5%) 2nd dog or more $178 each (saves additional 5%)
14 Day Pass: 1st pet $419 (saves 10%) 2nd dog or more $339 each (saves additional 10%)
30 Day Pass: 1st pet $852 (saves 15%) 2nd dog or more $686 each (saves additional 15%)

All pets over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered, and pass an initial temperament evaluation to participate in daycare. The evaluation is $22.

Daycare Evaluation Process

In order to play in doggie daycare, each dog must first be evaluated by one of our trained daycare team members for group play. The first step in this process is a short questionnaire that gives our team members some basic information about your pet. Click here to complete the questionnaire.

Next, our team members will assess how your dog enters the facility, meets team members, reacts to unfamiliar noises, responds on a leash, passes by other dogs, etc. After that, the process of introducing your pet to the playgroup begins.

Your dog will first be introduced on leash to one of our seasoned daycare dogs. The staff will monitor for any signs of stress, aggression, and fear from your pet and gauge their reaction to the other dog. Assuming your pet meets the other dog appropriately, the team will then let both dogs off leash to interact in the yard together.

Gradually, the team members will add other daycare dogs to the yard until finally, the entire daycare group is in the yard with your dog, having been properly introduced to the group.

From there, the daycare attendants will monitor your dog for the remainder of the day to ensure your pet continues to display appropriate play behaviors and does not develop any habits that may require correction to continue group play.

Please note, we make every effort to assign our daycare participants to compatible playgroups first based on their size, and then based on their temperament and playstyle.

Your pet deserves the best.

At The Royal, we understand that your pet is a member of the family, making them an extended member of ours. We strive to provide each pet with a loving, pampered, and fear-free experience while they are in our care.


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